Alpukagöl Parkevleri

Smart houses

Houses with light, curtain and security controls with full-smart-house structure.

Durable exterior/siding

Durable siding with high quality components lasts long for many years against all climatological conditions and provides a great power economy

Large Garage Options

Double car parking space per apartment.

Wide and Commodious Houses

4+1, 178m² width internal volume, comfortable apartments

New Trend of Investment: Alpukagöl Parkevleri

AlpukaGöl Parkevleri manage to express how you are right to demand more and how it is yours by right to have the life you imagined.

Special Lake View of Yours

Alpukagöl, consists of 2 blocks each 14-storey with private lake-view, is going to be your home first by calling on the life inside, then, it is going to be your cash cow investment.

Let Them Enjoy and Play, Let Them Grow Up

Let’s colaborate away from all sorts of risks and within the nature to bring up the healthy and happy individuals who will entirely own the World; let’s give them the World once again every morning.

Interior Architecture

Aplukagöl Parkevleri which have 4+1, 178m² internal volume serves you with commodious and practical living places.

Aparments are composed by composing the very high quality components. For instance, some products of one of our solution partners, Miele built-in products which have the true quality to serve occupants for long years, are used within the kitchens of AlpukaGöl Parkevleri. Other components used in the kitchens are Bianco kitchen counters as well as Bianco faucets.

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and cupboards are American hickory covered.