Alpuka Energy

ALPUKA Enterprises Group company gives importance to on-site renewable energy systems and sustainability Group builds renewable energy and energy storage projects in Turkey and operate. The company provides long term Solar Power Plants without compromising on quality with its experience by providing package-oriented package services to its customers.

Although the resources of our planet are limited, solar energy is unlimited. ALPU Company, one of Turkey's leading solar energy system providers Group is committed to sustainability. The company specializes in the development, engineering, consultancy, implementation, operation and maintenance of the solar industry. The Company offers the energy it generates to power your home, office or public institution for the transmission of electricity to the state network.

The Alpuka Group of Companies makes a significant contribution to sustainability through the Solar Power Plant built on an area of ​​140 decares in Sevdiğin Village located in the center of Kırşehir. The plant, which has an installed capacity of 7.8 MW, has made the first facility to obtain a green certificate in compliance with these norms in the member states of the European Union even though there is no equivalent in our country.           

               In addition to Kırşehir, the Alpuka Group of Companies, which provides high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service commitment with Solar Power Plants built in Bilecik and Afyon, continues its activities to provide environment-friendly, efficient solar energy. GES establishing turnkey projects, developing customized solutions for each project and continuously increasing quality of service, access to innovative results of the Company, has been correct address of solar power plant investments in Turkey.