About Us

We have incorporated our experience and knowledge which has been gathered on construction and real estate sector since 1995: We have founded Alpuka Construction in 2010 to ambitiously represent the reliance, the sincere approach and, of course, the difference on the construction sector. Besides the strong management system, our company serves people with stability and reliability, adds high-quality structures for living as well as eagerly fulfilling the terms of social responsibility. We have worked to make customers demand more quality and have always preferred highest segment of products within projects. We have chosen the products of mansions and residences for apartments and we have been forcing efforts to make our customers feel the quality of villa within apartments. Having comments confirming high-quality from the completed projects make our Alpuka Construction team feel glad. We have improved the meaning of quality in the district and we have been trying to affect the percipience of local material manufacturers. As long as we can share our vision and perspective with the customers, we believe we are going to make headway for the country. Composing the best architects and engineers within the team, Alpuka Construction is advancing forward with its professional administration to become persistent and long established like a plane tree.