Alpuka Türk Somonu


By combining our individual experiences and knowledge, which have been formed in the aquaculture sector since 2010, within Alpuka İnşaat; With the ALPENORTH INCORPORATED COMPANY, which we established in 2021, it also started its activities in the field of seafood. Our company, which offers difference, taste and trust to people with its strong management approach, does not hesitate to fulfill its social responsibilities as well as healthy and sustainable food in every project. It strives for its customers to demand more quality and includes top segment products in our facilities. It works to make its customers feel the natural fish flavor by bringing our fish fed with 100% organic feeds to you. As Alpuka family, we are happy to say that we have achieved this with the fish we breed. It has changed the quality understanding of the region and tries to influence the quality understanding of the domestic manufacturer. He believes that if he can share this vision with his customers, he will go a long way for the country. ALPENORTH SEAFOOD, which has formed its field staff with the best engineers in Turkey, is taking steps to become permanent and rooted like a plane tree, first in our country and then around the world, with its professional administrative structure.